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With more than 11 years of experience in Ecommerce, Online Marketing and Webdesign I know that Divi Theme is the right Choice for your new Website Project. After creating 500+ successfully launched Websites are focused on conversion, speed and usability for the last 11 years, my experience shows it is now one of the beautiful Premium themes to save time for your next Project!

What is Divi?

Divi is a premium WordPress theme with an integrated page builder. It enables you to create beautiful websites without technical knowledge. It also provides a very large library of pre-designed website templates.

What is the Divi Builder?

The Divi Builder is a modern, lightweight and intuitive page builder for WordPress websites. It comes either integrated in the Divi Theme or you can use it separately as a plugin for any other WordPress theme.

What is ElegantThemes?

ElegantThemes is the company behind the very popular premium WordPress theme called Divi. They developed Divi and other themes and plugins, but Divi by far is their best selling product.

Is Divi free?

No, Divi is not free but has to be purchased from ElegantThemes — the developing company of the Divi Theme. The standard license costs $ 89,- per year. They also offer a lifetime access for $ 249,- one time payment. Check out for promotions and deals. ELegantThemes often offer great deals which huge discounts.

Why Divi?

Because with Divi nothing is impossible for you and your business. With Divi and it´s fast growing community you are part of one of the greatest WordPress and Website family on the planet. Divi allows you to build beautiful websites — fast, intuitive and without any coding knowledge!

I am a professional web designer and work with Divi since 2011. After more than 500+ websites I can tell you that Divi ist the №1 WordPress Theme out there!

Divi WordPress Theme Tips

  1. Create a rough sketch of how you want to set up your pages first.

Seriously — the last thing you want to do is go into your website creation process with no idea of what you want.

That’s why I suggest creating a rough sketch first.

Grab a pencil, and start drawing out how you want your site to look.

You don’t need to worry about all of the details at this point.

You should just think about the basics as far as how you want to lay out your site and what you want to put in each section.

Even the most basic sketch will be SUPER helpful for you and save you lots of time.

So don’t skip this step.

  1. Don’t take the module options too literally.

For example, if you want to create a portfolio page for your blog, you don’t need to literally pick the “Portfolio” module.

You’ll notice I didn’t do that in the example of my portfolio page that I showed you above.

Instead, I just used alternating image and text modules.

I found it to be a LOT easier that way, and it gave me the look that I was going for.

Bottom line:

Don’t be afraid to get creative — you don’t HAVE to use the modules the way Divi tells you to!

  1. Just starting out? Strive for a GOOD site, not a perfect site.

If there’s one mistake I see new bloggers and online business owners make, it’s taking WAY too damn long to launch their website

And I get it — you want your site to represent you well. It needs to look awesome because you’re awesome.

But here’s the thing:

You cannot let yourself get caught up in perfectionism to the point where it takes you forever to launch.

Seriously — if I had waited for perfection to launch my site, I’d have been Betty White’s age before it ever happened.

Don’t be Betty White’s age when you launch your site, my friend.

Take action, click here get WordPress/Divi, and set up your site NOW so you can put yourself on a path to building a profitable business.

<<Go Directly To See the Pricing >>

Get something good out there (which is pretty easy to do if you’re using Divi!), and tweak/improve it as you grow your business over time.

Disclaimer: *This blog post includes affiliate links for the Divi WordPress Theme (which I only recommend because I personally use it and LOVE it). I might receive commission if you purchase something using the links used here .



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